E-government has an increasingly important role, at a social and economic level, both nationally and in Europe. The digitalization of public administration services is undoubtedly a decisive tool that simplifies the interactions between the various administrative offices and those between the administrative offices and citizens. It also helps to modernize public administration services and encourages their further improvement, making their services more flexible, efficient, effective and economic. The main purpose of digitalising administrative services is to exploit the great opportunities offered by computer and communication technologies to make administrative procedures simpler for individual citizens or businesses in South Tyrol (see strategic document eGov South Tyrol 2014).



eSüdtirol and South Tyrol e-learning action plans

Digital literacy in the South Tyrolean population is a key objective for encouraging the development of an information-oriented society. For this purpose, school institutions play a crucial role: compulsory schools and other schools (secondary, vocational) must be able to transmit all the necessary knowledge in computer science and communication technology in order to ensure future employment. (see eSüdtirol action plan 2001-2008, version 3.0, chapter 3.6)

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