• flexible access to vocational learning opportunities;
  • a network that allows individual access to teaching resources through information and communication technology;
  • an opportunity for the general public, businesses and training providers that use computer resources in classroom and distance learning;
  • a system funded by the European Union, the Ministry of Labour and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano through the European Social Fund;
  • a support system to allow various institutions to organise training initiatives directly;
  • whoever wants to organise vocational courses using modern technology can use the resources provided by the Copernicus system for the respective target group and adapt the contents and methods to individual needs;
  • the online teaching material is intended for, among others, provincial vocational schools, for private and public training institutions and for businesses.


Copernicus is the South Tyrolean system for learning management designed to support flexible teaching and learning, team collaboration and communication with methods that are cost efficient and accessible to everyone, regardless of where the user is located.


An online support service for:

  • private and public training institutions that provide technology-based training initiatives with classroom, distance or blended teaching techniques;
  • businesses that want to organise training courses for their employees, independently or in association with training institutions;
  • general public /private individuals to increase and update their knowledge in the context of life-long learning processes.


Target groups for the online support service

  • public schools and public training institutions
  • businesses that offer online training to their employees


  • the central technological infrastructure includes:

- a server with software and teaching material;
- an LMS (Learning Management System) platform to manage training activities;
- a broadband Internet connection that permits trouble-free access to teaching resources;

  • an information system (“Knowledge Base") that provides information and material about methods and support tools for technology-based training;
  • teaching and technology consulting service for everyone that provides on-demand support in planning, developing and managing educational projects.



The Copernicus system was established during the 2000-2006 EU policy period, based on feasibility studies carried out in 2001/2002 by five Departments of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. These departments continue to manage Copernicus jointly to this day and are in charge of the system stability, of continuous service development and of teaching material set up.

The five founding Departments of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol are:

  • Department 4 – Personnel development office
  • Department 9 – Information technology
  • Department 20 – German- and Ladin-language vocational training
  • Department 21 – Italian-language vocational training
  • Department 22 – Vocational training in agriculture, forestry and home economics


Organisation chart:

  • Steering Committee: this includes  representatives of the supporting Departments and is the institutional body that lays down the strategic guidelines for the good functioning of the system and coordinates its activities; the chairman of this joint body is head of Vocational training in agriculture, forestry and home economics.
  • Educational Committee: encourages the improvement of teaching quality in the Copernicus system through the assessment of what has been carried out, conducting research activity and testing procedures;
  • Information Technology Committee: helps to promote technological tools for educational purposes by introducing solutions that can be adopted in online courses and testing their integration with system technologies.


Cooperation partners