Online courses

The Copernicus learning management system of South Tyrol offers a wide range of online courses. This platform provides an overview, listed according to the different target groups, of the online courses offered by South Tyrolean schools and the Education and Professional Training Departments.


Types of online courses on offer

The courses are organised according to the specific target groups and are therefore structured according to teaching needs and organisational requirements. Various online course formats are available, from simple online self-study courses to blended learning courses with tutor support, from short courses that are free of charge to structured paying courses.

The most popular online course formats are the following:

  • self-study course without tutor support
  • self-study course with tutor support
  • blended learning courses in which classroom lessons are alternated with online lessons
  • microlearning
  • mobile learning

For an overview of the range of online courses on offer, click on one of the target groups:

For specific course details, please read the single course descriptions for all the relevant information on the course aims, length, costs, lecturers, attendance certificates and course management or planning details.